Rifle Clips and Magazines
NOTE: Limited quantity on hand so "First come first serve"! Prices are subject to change and listed without shipping. (see restrictions below)
Updated 08-13-05

AK-47 / MAK-90 30 rd. 7.62x39mm Russian mfg. EXC! $14.99 ea.
NEW!!! *40 rd. 7.62x39mm Russian mfg. NEW un-issued$18.99 ea.
NEW!!! *75 Round 7.62x39mm Drum Romainian mfg. NEW$99.99 ea.
AK-74 30 round 5.45x39 E. German mfg. Bak-a-lite NEW Un-Issued!$9.99 ea.
AR-15 / M-16 NEW!!! 20 rd. Blued Steel USA Brand12.99 ea.
Pre-Ban 30 rd. GI Issue used Original Finish VG/EXC$13.99 ea.
Pre-Ban 30 rd. GI Issue used Refinished EXC.$14.99 ea.
30 rd. Oralite GI used VG-EXC Condition. Limited Quantity12.99 ea.
NEW!!! 25 rd.9mm w/magazine adaptor. Olympic Arms mfg.$59.99 set
ARMALITE AR-18 / 180*40 rd. Blued Steel PMI mfg. NEWSOLD OUT
HK-91/G-3 NEW!!! 20 rd. HK factory marked Black Alloy Un-Issued$9.99
NEW!!! 20 rd. HK Portugese Mil. Contract Alloy EXC. to As-New$11.99
L1A1 NEW!!! 20 rd. GI Parkerized Steel Like New$9.99
NEW!!! 20 rd. GI Alloy Steyr Mfg. Like New$9.99
M-1 GARAND NEW!!! 2 rd. enbloc National Match clip. NEW Un-Issued$5.99 ea.
NEW!!! 5 rd. Hunting clip. NEW$4.99 ea.
8 rd. enbloc GI clip. NEW Un-Issued$ .99 ea.
12 enbloc 8rd. GI clips. NEW Un-Issued$9.99
M-1 Carbine15 rd. GI Issue used EXC.14.99
30 rd. After-market NEW$17.99 ea.
M-1A20 rd. GI Issue NEW$59.99 ea.
M3(A1,2) GREASE GUN30 rd .45 cal. Parkerized GI EXC.$19.99 ea.
RUGER Mini-14NEW!!! 20 rd 5.56mm Blued Identical to Factory $16.99 ea.
30 rd 5.56mm Blued USA Brand$18.99 ea.
NEW!!! 30 rd 5.56mm Stainless Steel USA Brand$22.99 ea.
RUGER Mini-30NEW!!! 30 rd 7.62x39mm Blued USA BrandLimited avail... e-mail
Springfield 1903-A1/A3 NEW!!! 5 rd. Stripper Clip GI Original WW-2 EXC. Condition$ .49 ea.
STEN MkI,II,III,IV NEW!!! 32 rd. GI Original WW-2 Used-Good Condition$3.99
Note: Shipping Restrictions- Cannot ship hi-cap clips to CA, HI, OH, NYC, NJ, *MD, MA, Wa D.C., Puerto Rico or Canada or any area that bans the posession of the above items (check state and/or local laws before ordering). Restriction list is only given for reference.
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