Pistol Clips and Magazines

Quantities limited! All items listed below are Brand NEW Excellent Quality After-Market. Clips marked as "Factory" are made by the corresponding listed gun mfg.
Prices listed are subject to change and does not included shipping (see restrictions below).
Last updated 08-13-05

A-75 modelN/A
A-100 modelN/A
BERETTAModel 92F/S 15 rd. 9mm Blue18.99 ea.
Model 92F/S 18 rd. 9mm Blue RAM-LINE mfg.
Note: Same size as std. 15 rd. but higer capacity!
$21.99 ea.
Couger 8000 15 rd. 9mm Blue$18.99 ea.
BROWNINGHi-Power 13 rd. 9mm Blued$16.99 ea.
NEW!!! FEG Hi-Power 13 rd. 9mm Parkerized (Factory)$16.99 ea.
NEW!!! BDM 15 rd. 9mm Blued Limited Quantity...!!!$34.99 ea.
COLT1911-A1 8 rd. "Shooting Star" mfg. SSOut-Of-Stock
GLOCKModel 19 15 rd. 9mm steel lined polymer$21.99 ea.
Model 21 13 rd. .45 cal (Factory)Out-Of-Stock
RUGERP-91 11 rd. .40cal SS USA brand$34.99 ea.
RUGERP-85/89/94/95 15 rd. 9mm Blue$18.99 ea.
SIG-SAUERP-226 15 rd. 9mm Blue$24.99 ea.
S&WS&W 10- series 9 rd. 10mm SS(Factory)$21.99 ea.
59- series 15 rd. 9mm Blue$16.99 ea.
TEC-9NEW!!! *TEC-9 and AB-10 Pistols 32 rd. 9mm Blued$19.99 ea.
TAURUSModels 92/99 15 rd. 9mm Blue$16.99 ea.
WALTHERP-38 WW-II NAZI "jvd" code blue EXC$49.99 ea.
PPK/S 7 rd. 380cal SS (Factory)$24.99 ea.
Note: Shipping Restrictions- Cannot ship hi-cap clips to CA, HI, NYC, NJ, *MD, MA, Wa D.C., Puerto Rico or Canada or any area that bans the posession of the above items (check state and/or local laws before ordering). Restriction list is only given for reference.
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