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M1 Garand Rifle

Just e-mail us with what you are looking for!

Garand Accessories:

Cleaning pull-throughs:
Brass, Early WW-2, EXC: $5.95 ea.
Steel, Late WW-2, VG-EXC: $4.95 ea.

Buttstock oiler bottles:
Nickel plated brass, early WW-2, VG-EXC: OUT OF STOCK
Plastic, Mid to Late WW-2, EXC: $12.50 ea.

Grease, Rifle- "Grease pots":
WW-2 Yellow "lubriplate": Very Limited!!! e-mail for availibility
Post War Issue 2cc Rifle grease cap: $ .50 ea, 1/2 dozen $1.95, Dozen $2.50


WW-2 un-dated USGI cotton web:$23.95 ea. Limited Supply!!!
Post War dated USGI MRT marked cotton web: $24.95 ea. Limited Supply!!!
Post War USGI un-dated cotton web: $18.95 ea.Limited Supply!!!
Post War USGI Nylon sling: $12.95 ea.Limited Supply!!!
Danish marked cotton web slings Identical to WW-2 USGI cotton web slings!!! $8.95 ea.

M-1 Garand En-Bloc 8 round clips:
$1.00 ea.
$9.99 Dozen
$16.25 for 25
$25.00 for 50


WW-2 dated USGI, (SL 4 headstamp) St. Louis Army Ammunition Plant 1944, Ball M1 Armor piercing Black Tip, packed in Garand clips, mildly corrosive: $4.50 per clip Limited Supply!!! (SEE NOTE*)

1950's dates USGI, (LC) Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, Ball M2 Armor Peircing Black Tip, pack 20rds to the box. Non-corrosive. $10.95 per box (SEE NOTE*)

We also carry excellent FN (Fabrique Nationale) Ball M1 non-corrosive ammunition loose and in 40rd. banboliers

Special interest Garand Ammunition:
M1 Garand Granade launching blanks (star crimp), 1950's FN mfg. $1.00 per round VERY Limited Supply!!!(SEE NOTE*)

NOTE* Some states restrict AP and Granade launching ammo possession. If you are unsure please check before ordering! Granade launching ammo sold as curio only. Not intended for actual use. Granade launching ammo is NOT to be confused with "blank" firing ammo. they are two different ammunitions! Granade launching ammunition is for launching Granades ONLY and would cause bodily injury or death if used as blanks with a BFD "Blank Firing Device"!

... Our supply of Grand parts is changing constantly so if you don't see it listed here e-mail with your specific needs and we'll see what we can do to help!